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If there are ways I can make your massage sessions more effective or things I can change to improve my work please let me know in person, by phone or email. I am constantly growing and learning and I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and future clients better with your direct feedback to me.

Want to leave a review for me? --Please let me know directly! or post one online or anywhere. The greatest compliment you can give is to recommend me to the friends and family you think will benefit from my work. 


"Our experience with Tiffany was extraordinary. We were fortunate enough to begin working with her around the time our seven-year-old also started working with a counselor to understand and manage her anxiety. While the counseling sessions were very useful, we believe it was the combination of this and Tiffany’s hands-on approach that really gave our daughter results. Tiffany not only gave her physical relief through touch, she helped our daughter recognize her tension and understand how her body was responding to her anxiety. She was also remarkably patient and thorough in answering our daughter’s many questions in an age-appropriate way. Tiffany gave us a better understanding of how to effectively use touch and massage with her thoughtful and detailed approach. All in all, we are incredibly pleased not only with the results we’ve seen (and continue to see) but with Tiffany’s clear understanding that the best way to help children is to involve the entire family in the process. Thanks to her focus on setting families up for success, Tiffany gave us all tools that will last us many years to come."

-- Racheal M. Working Mom of 7 yr old

"Tiffany is a wonderful and caring professional. At each appointment I felt she addressed areas of my body that needed massaging. She looks for feedback during each session; mindful of each clients preferences. The effects of each session lead to progressive improvements in addition to the tips she gives after the session to take home and continue the work. I enjoy my massage appointments as Tiffany provides a warm and caring experience from beginning to end."

-- Mieko O. Sustainability Coordinator

"My husband and I went on a 6 hour road trip and afterwards his lower back went into spasm. Tiffany worked with him and in 2 sessions the pain was relieved. In January my neck went into spasm from sleeping in an awkward position and I was very uncomfortable. Tiffany worked on it right away and after only one visit the spasm worked its way out and I needed no further treatment."

-- Dr. Pierson Physician/holistic psychiatrist

"I came to Tiffany originally to address issues relating to chronic pain and tightness. After an initial discussion we worked out a plan that would address my problem on my budget and help me get moving again. Utilizing a variety of techniques from MFR, Reflexology, to deep tissue massage she was able to reduce my pain greatly and over time it has almost eliminated a chronic issue. I came under Tiffany's care desperate for relief, with her knowledge and skills she has relieved a majority of my daily pain. While working on chronic issues, she has been extremely responsive to changes in my musculature and has addressed acute issues as they arose. Thank you Tiffany for all that you do and the relaxing and accommodating environment you create."

-- Emily M. Practice Support Specialist

"I went to Tiffany as a referral from a health care provider about a year and a half ago. What a wonderful transition to have had happen. From the moment meeting Tiffany I knew my body, my mind, and my soul was going to be cared for. Meeting Tiffany you encounter a kind caring, very engaged massage therapist. She sits, listens, and inquires about 'you', how you are doing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What a refreshing approach from what other massage therapists offer. her style is one of quieting the mind, relaxing and engaging in your body's wellbeing. Her ability to relax, rejuvenate, provide a great mind and body experience is wonderful. I have found since working with Tiffany over the past year my body has learned how to relax and my muscles feel at ease. I feel more centered and my body feels more fluid and relaxed. Why do I come back every two weeks?? It has become part of my wellness package to care for myself. Tiffany provides that conduit to facilitate that for my body and my mind."

-- John P. Registered Nurse SICU/PICU/NICU

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